Understanding Wine (with Austin Beeman) HD (general)
High Definition Video Podcast Understanding Wine. Video interviews with famous wine makers. Travel videos of wine country complete with wine vineyard profiles. Wine ratings and reviews in the style of Wine Spectator, Wine Advocate, Wine Enthusiast, and Robert Parker. Visits to Napa Valley, Sonoma Valley, Bordeaux, France, Burgundy, Italy, Germany, and many many more. In the tradition of Wine Library TV, Grape Radio, and others, this HD wine podcast brings the wine educators and sommeliers to you.

Randall Grahm talks about minerality and gives advice to intermediate wine drinkers.  For shownotes goto www.understandingwine.tv

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Austin Beeman answers the four most asked questions to a wine retailer.  For shownotes go to www.understandingwine.tv 

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Austin Beeman talks about how to taste wine like a professional.  For complete shownotes go to www.understandingwine.tv 

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Tips to enjoy your next wine tasting better.  For shownotes go to www.understanding-wine.com

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Shownotes at www.austinbeeman.com

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